Coaching in English: 4-session bundle


A budnle of 4 coaching sessions in English.



Coaching is a process through which you can identify your goals and priorities, accelerate your decision-making, get support in a change or begin the projects that you have been putting off. You can start building a healthy realtionship with your perfectionsim and ambitions. Coaching can help you take care of your dreams and needs, and look after your boundaries – it can support your assertiveness and realize your sphere of influence. The process can help you rebuild your self-worth and develop your agency. It can be of help both for your professional and private life.

Before you buy the bundle of 4 sessions – please, contact me to get a free 30-minute conslutation to see, if your topic can be addressed by coaching (or if it needs the support of other professionals, e.g. a mentor, counsellor or therapist):

If you choose the bundle, the price of every subsequent session (if need be) will also have a discount and thus it will cost 100 PLN.


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